Let's paint a picture

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Izak Goldwage
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Let's paint a picture

Post by Izak Goldwage » Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:19 am

USA builds border to Mexica and USMC (MAGA)
USA gose to trade wr with China (tarrifs, MAGA)
UK used the USA and the EU to rage against Russia (diplomatic accusatuions,BREXIT)
NK and China had a conversation (ICMB,Trade, Weapons)
US leaves Syria (Oil?)
RU and Turkey had an conversation (ICMB, Weapons)
RU defeats IS (ISIS/ISIL) in Syria
TK gose after Kurds (with DE/US/EU/NATO weapons)
DE and Russia had an conversation (Gas/Pipeline)
DE(EU) had a conversation about tarrifs
DE sold again weapons to Turkey (to kill Kurds, what about Oil?)
FR move to Syria (Oil?,Kurds?)
SA talks to Israel ?

What happend here an where is the relation?
Oil field Service (like Halliburton)

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Tyler Durden
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Re: Let's paint a picture

Post by Tyler Durden » Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:26 am


ok, let's have a look on this from an bigger context and more distance
there is something going on

- latest Youtube shooting will be a key event
- Q is to cryptic to know anything before it happens, its is just an mechanism to gather the public awareness and
that these key events can accomplish it'S targest.
afterwards we will understand it..BUT never right on spot

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